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Cool-season clean-up puts stop to phosphine-resistant-pest cycle

Implementing a thorough winter cleaning program around grain storage sites could prevent spring-to-summer incursions of phosphine-resistance grain storage pests, such as the rusty grain beetle (Cryptolestes ferrugineus) according to a two-year trapping study funded by the Plant Biosecurity Cooperative Research Centre. The rusty grain beetle has a range extending from […]

How to do Hygiene

For more information see GRDC Fact Sheet Hygiene & Structural Treatments for Grain Storage

What to do with waste grain

Cleaning grain from around storages and equipment is only half the job when undertaking grain storage hygiene. Disposing of the grain properly so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for pests is paramount. Traveling around the country, the grain storage extension team see various levels of grain storage hygiene. Many […]

Time for hygiene

Research carried out by the Queensland Post Harvest Research Team reveals that storage pests are least active during the colder months of the year. This presents the best time for grain storage hygiene as pests are removed before their breeding cycle shortens and they become mobile. Successful grain storage hygiene […]