Meet your experts

Philip Burrill

Development Agronomist Philip Burrill continues as the key contact for the northern region. Philip conducts workshops and acts as a conduit to ensure research outcomes are passed from the testing laboratories to the growers in the field.

Peter Botta

Based in the south, private consultant Peter Botta travels the region conducting practical, on-farm workshops and seminars to growers and advisors. Peter brings a wealth of experience to the team and has a passion for developing knowledge and understanding to enable practice change.

Ben White

Ben White partners with the Grains Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) to deliver on-farm workshops and information sessions in the western region. Drawing on many years’ experience working for the Kondinin Group, Ben is a familiar face to many growers in the west and brings a fresh approach to best practices in on farm storage.

Greg Daglish

Greg is a a Principle Research Scientist at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and has many years of experience in grain storage research. From the laboratory in Brisbane to the dedicated trial site at Warwick and the many field sites used for trials, Greg drives research to enable better management of on-farm grain storage. Greg welcomes questions, suggestions and ideas for new research.

Chris Warrick

As well as coordinating the team, consultant Chris Warrick adds an economics component the on-farm storage resources. Chris also equips growers with the tools to make informed and strategic business decisions around on-farm grain storage.

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