Category: Grain quality

Monitor to avoid surprises

Monitoring is the only sure way to avoid last-minute surprises when out-loading grain from storage. The aim is to preclude finding live insects or damaged grain at out-loading when it’s too late to manage it. Checking grain monthly during winter and fortnightly during the warmer months enables any issues to be […]

GRDC GrowNotes Grain Storage

Download the GRDC GrowNote Grain Storage here A key component to storing grain on farm successfully is having the knowledge of best-practice management to avoid costly quality issues and disasters. This manual aims to provide relevant information, links to other resources and contacts to enable a base understanding of how […]

Grain fit to eat – food safety

Grain stored on farm must meet quality standards when sold,  such as the GTA (Grain Trade Australia) requirements. It is becoming apparent however, that increasing numbers of grain markets are looking for assurance of food safety. The contract standards set by GTA do not specifically cover food safety, which is […]