Applying structural treatments

Structural treatments, including diatomaceous earth (DE), commonly known as Dryacide®, can be used on storages and equipment after a physical clean up of grain residues. DE products control the majority of insect species and are a non chemical alternative, reducing the risk of chemical residues.

After cleaning grain storages and handling equipment, a structural application of DE can provide up to 12 months protection.

If compressed air is available, a Blovac gun such as a BV-22 is the simplest way to apply DE dust into a silo via the inspection door or if safe, via an opening in the top of the silo. With all hatches open, move the Blovac gun quickly coating the roof, walls then base of the silo. Finish by closing all outlets top and bottom to capture the remaining suspended dust and keep moisture out of the silo. If silos are fitted with aeration systems, also distribute some DE dust into the ducting without getting it into the motor, where it could potentially cause damage.

For augers, conveyors and grain handling equipment, use a Blovac to apply a steady dust stream into accessible openings, coating all the internal surfaces as much as possible. Continue until a dust stream emerges from the exit/discharge points of the equipment.

Structural treatments leave residue which can be transferred to the grain and while most grain buyers accept small amounts on cereal grains, it is best to wash-out the storage before storing oilseeds and pulses.

Always check with grain buyers or potential grain buyers if unsure.

Always follow label directions and seek specific advice and use eye protection and dust mask.


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