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What is GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases? Podcast Series

Image of Field Crop Disease Podcast


You can now listen to the best researchers and experts in crop diseases on the GRDC Communities Podcast Channel. The first podcast gives you an overview on what is GRDC Communities from the GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases Manager Jodie Harrison. Keep an ear out for more Podcasts very soon!

GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases is home to a wealth of resources including articles, papers, videos and now podcasts from the best crop disease researchers and experts from across the country.

Content is tailored to meet the different needs of growers and agronomists, with information available on different platforms including the Website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Podcasts.

As well as providing timely and credible information, the platform also includes a useful ‘Ask an Expert’ service for growers and agronomists where they can ask questions directly to researchers and industry experts.

GRDC Communities is a joint project between the GRDC, Agriculture Victoria and NSW Department of Primary Industries. 

Further information

For further information on GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases:                  Jodie Harrison                                                                                                          Agriculture Victoria                                                                                                      Ph: 03 5051 4359                                                                                                        Mobile: 0438 890 292                                                                                                  Email:

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