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Webinar: Powdery mildew in wheat and the implications for this season in WA

Early detection of powdery mildew in wheat in the Bindi Bindi region and south of Kadoux prompted the DAFWA team to present a webinar on powdery mildew in wheat and the implications for the 2016 season.  This webinar was presented on July 6, 2016.

The key messages from the webinar were:

  • Powdery mildew is carried over on stubble, therefore widespread inoculum carryover is expected from 2015
  • Wheat powdery mildew is distinctively different from barley powdery mildew, therefore they don’t infect each other
  • Early sowing or presence of green bridge will allow early season start-up of epidemics
  • Whilst not registered, in-furrow or seed dressing products will have an effect on time of onset of disease
  • Prioritise monitoring of
    • Susceptible varieties
    • Early sown crops
    • Crop sown without in-furrow or seed dressing
    • Green bridge areas

 The key messages in regard to fungicide application were:

  • Foliar fungicide spray at a registered rate on a susceptible variety can significantly reduce disease and potentially increase yield
  • Yield response is not gguaranteed, depends on severity at spraying and favourable conditions post application
  • Timely application is more important that fungicide product choice
  • Apply fungicide before the disease is too severe and before flag leaves and particularly before heads are infected
  • The value of applying a second fungicide was not justified by a significant yield response in 2015, probably due to the hot dry season finish
  • Follow fungicide resistance management strategies

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