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Understanding disease: there’s a podcast for that

There's a podcast for that

A range of podcasts have been developed, in conjunction with Australian plant pathologists and grains researchers, to help farmers and agronomists to understand issues surrounding crop disease and management. 

With more and more farmers choosing to access information on the go and at their own convenience, podcasting is one such method to access information that is both useful and user-friendly.

Below is a selection of some useful podcasts for disease information and management.


GRDC Communities

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You can now listen to the best researchers and experts in crop diseases on the GRDC Communities Podcast Channel. 

In a recent podcast Last season’s summer grain diseases & sorghum charcoal rot  Adam Sparks & Neeraj Purushotham from University of Southern Queensland (USQ) discuss what summer grain crop diseases were observed last season and the major study underway to combat charcoal rot in sorghum. 

The first podcast  “ What is GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases? Podcast Seriesgives you an overview on what is GRDC Communities from the GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases Manager Jodie Harrison.

Centre for Crop and Disease Management

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Constantly battling disease outbreaks on your paddock? Sprayed a fungicide lately that just didn’t seem to work? Or perhaps suffering information overload and have discovered podcasts as a way to catch up on agronomy while on the move? Along with a guest co-host, Megan Jones from the Centre for Crop and Disease Management (CCDM) interviews researchers, growers and agronomists on all things crop disease from across the Australian grain growing regions.

A recent podcast “Managing sclerotinia on canola”  looked at sclerotinia, one of the most talked about crop diseases that continues to challenge canola growers, as host Megan Jones was joined by sclerotinia expert Sarita Bennett to discuss how to get on top of this difficult disease for the coming growing season, WA Consultant David Pfeiffer to get his perspective on how to manage the disease with the limited tools available including fungicide management, and pulse and oilseed pathologist Kurt Lindbeck who sheds light on some research on what growers can do going forward into this season.

Grains Research and Development Corporation

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Whether you are a grain grower in the Western Australian wheat belt, an agronomist from Central Queensland, or a mixed farmer from Victoria a new series of podcasts from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is designed to keep you informed on-farm. Listen to the GRDC Podcast and other podcasts covering issues and topics affecting Australian grain growers.  

A recent podcast “Take the Slow Train to Fungicide Resistance“ looked at Fungicide resistance is inevitable. That’s a tough message to accept, but experts say resistance is like a train travelling to a destination – nothing will stop it arriving but we can slow it down.



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