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Top five of 2019

Top 5 for 2019

Here are our five most popular articles from 2019.

GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases published 37 articles last year covering the  many different aspects of crop diseases in the Australian grains industry.

These articles were prepared and reviewed by members of our Community of Practice, Australia’s leading experts in crop diseases.

Given the difficult growing season experienced by much of Australia in 2019, it’s no surprise that a focus on the identification of crop diseases were the most popular topics.  

Below are our top five – most popular articles based on web page hits.

  1. Spot the difference – Identifying faba bean diseases
  2. Diagnosing disease: there’s an app for that
  3. Cereal seed treatment guides
  4. Barley Loose Smut
  5. Cereal disease guides
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