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The BlacklegCM App

All the knowledge you need at your fingertips in the BlacklegCM App

Steve Marcroft explains the value of the new BlacklegCM app and how you can use it to compare management strategies for your canola crop.

The new BlacklegCM app combines 30 years worth of data and knowledge accessible straight from your tablet to identify the most profitable blackleg management strategy for your farm. The app has been developed by DPIRD in WA and co-invested by the GRDC. It draws on national canola pathology and pathogen modelling knowledge to assist growers to make decisions by linking this body of knowledge with their individual situation.

How to use BlacklegCM

This short tutorial describes the various settings within the BlacklegCM App which you can alter to assess how different blackleg management strategies and scenarios will impact on yield loss.

Download BlacklegCM

App store icons

For iPad from the App Store
For Android tablet from Google Play

More information

Blackleg Management Guide – GRDC
Blackleg monitoring summaries 2017 – NVT Online


Luise Sigel, Agriculture Victoria
Art Diggle, DPIRD
Angela Van de Wouw, Marcroft Grains Pathology and The University of Melbourne

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