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Tag archive: nematode

Latest on Cereal disease – 2016 GRDC Update papers

Keep up with the latest research information on cereal diseases including Septoria tritici blotch of wheat, spot and net blotch of barley, rhizoctonia root rot, crown rot and the cereal rusts. The following papers were presented at the GRDC Updates across Australia in February and March 2016. Southern region papers […]

Root-lesion nematode

Root-lesion nematodes (RLN) are an important pest of broadacre crops. Yield loss is directly related to the population density at the time of sowing. Species in broadacre cropping include Pratylenchus thornei, P. neglectus, and in WA only: P. quasitereoides (also known as P. teres). The first step in managing RLN […]

Root-lesion nematode survey of Central Queensland

Key Messages What is the problem? What did we find? How does Central Queensland compare to other regions? What does it mean for me? Further information Key Messages Root-lesion nematodes were found in 28% of the Central Queensland paddocks sampled. Sowing resistant and tolerant crops like sorghum, maize and cotton […]