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Last season’s summer grain diseases & sorghum charcoal rot – Podcast

Image of Adam Sparks & Neeraj Purushotham for Summer crop diseases podcast


There were a number of diseases that caused issues for summer grain crops last season, with the biggest being charcoal rot in sorghum. 

In this podcast Adam Sparks & Neeraj Purushotham from University of Southern Queensland (USQ) discuss what summer grain crop diseases were observed last season and the major study underway to combat charcoal rot in sorghum.

July 2019 saw the start of an investigation to correlate pathogen densities of charcoal rot and fusarium stalk rot with disease expression, lodging and yield loss, using PreDicta®B tests. Sorghum growers and agronomists are invited to participate in this investigation, so a clearer picture can be established of the effects these diseases can have on sorghum production. 

Please contact  Dr. Dante L. Adorada, for soil sampling and disease assessment of your sorghum paddocks.

Dr. Dante L. Adorada                                                                                                Centre for Crop Health                                                                                                    University of Southern Queensland | Toowoomba, Queensland                        Ph: +61 7 4631 1262 | Mob: 0477 718 593                                                            Email:

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Dr. Dante L. Adorada (USQ)

Lisa Kelly (Queensland DAF)

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