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Could this be a virus?

Ask an ExpertCategory: QuestionsCould this be a virus?
superadmin asked 45 years ago

A client has sent me photos of a problem in their paddock. Could it be a virus?

Johanna Couchman replied 2 years ago

Could you please provide us with some more information to help us best answer your question, namely – location, variety, distribution of the problem throughout the paddock and in crop management this season.

Johanna Couchman replied 2 years ago

From Questioner: Hi The area is Cleve Hills on the EP. The photo shows it is in a patch and I’m not sure of variety

1 Answers
Johanna Couchman answered 2 years ago

Answer from Hugh Wallwork, SARDI
Hi,The symptoms do not suggest that a pathogen is involved. It is somewhat similar to barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) but I am sure that it is not the case here despite there being many aphids in the area.
I would suggest that patch whick looks like a bit of a gully in the paddock has suffered somes ort of waterlogging or nutrient leaching stress.

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