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superadmin asked 4 years ago

Hi I found this plant in a canola trial which has extensive discolouration on leaves. No visible pest damage no stunted growth and has been given adequate macro nutrients. This is the only plant in the trial with any sort of discolouration. Thoughts?

Johanna Couchman replied 2 years ago

Hi, to assist us in answering your question could you let us know the location of the trials?

Johanna Couchman replied 2 years ago

Hi, the location is greenethorpe in the south west slopes.

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Johanna Couchman answered 2 years ago

Answer from Vicki Elliot Marcroft Grains Pathology
Hi. This is something that occasionally happens to an individual canola plant and is similar to what happens in variegated plants in the nursery industry. It is nothing to worry about and wont affect the rest of the trial site.

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