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Pulse researchers in the Southern Region seek samples

Pulse crop disease researchers are seeking your help in collecting current pulse disease samples from across the Southern region. New disease sampling kits have been developed making the collection of plant samples easier. The disease samples from your area will help to ensure researchers are using current samples that are regionally relevant.

Since diseases change from one season to the next it is important that research and breeding programs have access to the latest samples. The information generated from these samples ensures growers have access to current information on the resistance of each variety and researchers can continue to improve disease resistance in new pulse varieties.

A recent example of how disease samples helped was in South Australia where there was a downgrading of the ascochyta blight rating in the lentil variety PBA Hurricane XT, from moderately resistant (MR) to moderately resistant moderately susceptible (MRMS) in that state. This rating change means growers now need to manage the disease differently. Identifying this change was possible as researchers received disease samples from agronomists and growers that were then used in resistance testing. In Victoria the rating remains at MR, but to ensure ratings remain accurate we need disease samples from pulse crops in the Southern region.

How can you help?

If you are able to help, please contact either Sara Blake or Joshua Fanning (contact details below) and they will send you sampling kits. These kits make collection of samples easy. Each kit contains:

  •         Basic sampling information
  •         Disease sampling envelopes
  •         Return postage envelopes

To help researchers, and to receive a sampling kit, please contact one of the following:

South Australia (PIRSA_SARDI)                                                                              Sara Blake                                                                                                                        Ph: (08) 8429 2248                                                                                                Email:

Victoria (Agriculture Victoria)                                                                                    Joshua Fanning                                                                                                              Ph: (03) 4344 3335                                                                                                Email:


Grant Hollaway (Agriculture Victoria)

Jenny Davidson (PIRSA_SARDI)


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