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Predicta B sampling and 2015 pre-season observations

Dr Alan McKay, SARDI, gives an update on PreDicta B soil testing at the GRDC updates in Ballarat, February 2015.

He discusses how a new sampling procedure that includes stubble can greatly improve the accuracy of PreDicta B soil tests. He also outlines some of the early season trends identified by PreDicta B testing for 2015 for the Southern, Western and Northern regions.

PreDicta B is a DNA-based soil testing service that identifies which soil-borne pathogens pose a significant risk to broadacre crops prior to seeding. Read more about the changes to pre-sowing soil sampling protocols. These recommendations are based on a winter cereal pathogen survey of 248 paddocks that was conducted annually across 12 districts in central and northern NSW between 2010 and 2012.

Relevant GRDC update papers include

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