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Immersive technologies & their use in agriculture research & extension – Webinar

Immersive technologies – 360 degree photography/filming, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) use in agriculture research and extension were presented in a recent GRDC Communities Webinar. Guest speakers Matthew Cox (Agriculture Victoria) & Michael Moodie (Frontier Farming Systems) covered and discussed how these technologies can be used for project research & extension.

Key points from the webinar include:

  • Interactive 360 photos add rich information to web pages and supports a more interactive/dynamic user experience;
  • 360 video or virtual tours have been used successfully  as a means of capturing and extending expert/trial knowledge and information;
  • 360 video offers greater immersivity than 360 photos; and
  • Jump in and give it a go!

Matthew Cox has been involved for many years with the Victorian Resources Online (VRO) website & in setting up 360/VR/AR footage for the Agriculture Victoria’s Smart Farm initiative.

Michael Moodie is a farming systems RD&E consultant & has been using 360 degree & VR footage for a few years to further extend information throughout the Mallee.

Further information links 

Victorian Resources Online – Victorian Long Term Agro-ecological Experiments

Immersive Ag

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