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How to use Hootsuite to manage Twitter

hootsuite for pageWith it’s never ending Tsunami of information, Twitter can sometimes seem overwhelming and near impossible to follow.

Hootsuite Webinar

Presented by Victor Villegas (AKA @TwitrNinja) this webinar shows how to cut down the information overload and tame the sea of Twitter chaos by using Hootsuite, a web application you can use to manage Twitter.

The webinar is a collaboration between eXtensionAUS and the US Network Literacy Community of Practice and is geared towards extension and agricultural professionals around the world, but is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about Twitter and how to use it effectively.

This 40 minute webinar aired on November 5. Click here to view webinar recording

If you are new to twitter we recommend you start with the introductory webinar Finding the true value in twitter

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