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Which foliar fungicide active ingredients are registered for WA?

WA foliar fungicides registrations

Registrations of foliar fungicides for use in cereals, canola & lupins in Western Australia were updated in April 2018.

The information provided details of products with full registration or with permits for use in WA and provides further details on application rates, withholding periods and other instructions, along with how to apply fungicides effectively and minimise the risk of fungicide resistance developing.  For all information related to use of registered fungicide products please refer to appropriate product labels.

Fungicides are effective only on diseases that are caused by fungi. Sometimes plant symptoms resemble those caused by pathogens but they are actually caused by other issues, such as nutrient deficiencies or toxicities and adverse weather conditions. A disease diagnosis service is provided by DDLS – Plant pathology services. PestFax provides useful up to date information on diseases present throughout the WA wheatbelt each season.

Access the registered foliar fungicides factsheets here:

Registered foliar fungicides – Cereals

Registered foliar fungicides – Canola

Registered foliar fungicides – Lupins

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