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Frank Henry

Regional Research Agronomist, Agriculture Victoria, Hamilton, Victoria.

Frank is a plant pathologist with over 25 years research and extension experience. Frank was previously the diagnostician for Agriculture Victoria’s CropSafe (no exotics for Victoria) Program. Working closely with researchers, Frank was also responsible for  extension of the latest research information on crop diseases to agronomists and farmers. The role included managing the Department’s crop disease Information Notes, sending out seasonal Crop Alerts and designing the Crop Disease smartphone app for Apple and Android.

In February 2015 Frank took on a new role as a Regional Research Agronomist working from Hamilton in the high rainfall zone of the Southern GRDC region. In this position, Frank contributes to technical expertise in crop disease diagnostics and crop protection and helps develop the capacity of the Victorian grains industry by supporting regional stakeholder capability development, including the mentoring of science graduates in an accelerated graduate development program.

Frank’s current projects include:

  • Testing acid tolerant rhizobia for faba beans in the high rainfall zone (HRZ)
  • Fungicide control of red leather leaf, a fungal disease of oats
  • Potential for carryover of Turnip Yellows Virus in spring-sown, dual-purpose canola.

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