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Dr. Rohan Kimber

Research Scientist, Pulse and Oilseed Pathology, South Australian Research and Development Institute, Adelaide, South Australia

Dr Rohan Kimber is a research scientist within the Plant Health and Biosecurity division at the South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI) in Adelaide, Australia. He has over 20 years’ experience in plant pathology applied to broad acre grain crops, with extensive industry funded research projects on both pulse (faba bean, chickpea, field pea & lentil) and cereals crops. Dr Kimber has significant research experience in the disciplines of epidemiology and integrated disease management of airborne fungal diseases of pulse crops, which are major production and export grain commodities in Australia, and he has had active roles in surveillance of biosecurity concerns to these trade sensitive crops.  Research was aimed at generating direct economic benefits to the pulse cropping industry, which frequently experiences yield constraints from disease epidemics.

Dr Kimber is now actively engaged in developing and testing innovative technologies for more effective surveillance of airborne insects and pathogens in the agricultural sectors, which should lead to improved management of these threats. Collaborative project partnerships have developed new air sampling devices with smart capture systems for early detection of threats to grain crops. These technologies provide improved capacity for rapid detection, wide area surveillance and accurate diagnosis of targets. This research aims to improve detection efficiency and provide additional time for industry and government to respond to incursions of airborne pest and pathogens of both established and exotic threats.

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