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Dominie Wright

Dominie Wright profile image

Senior Plant Pathologist, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, South Perth, WA

Dominie has over 20 years experience working as a Plant Pathologist for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD). Dominie has a broad background in plant pathology (mycology and bacteriology) for both broadacre and horticultural crops. While working with DPIRD, Dominie’s roles include the provision of a diagnostic service to the growers of Western Australia, including seed health testing for the export market.

Dominie provides training courses to both agribusiness consultants, growers and staff within DPIRD on disease identification in broadacre crops. She also enjoys running webinars and turning these into YouTube videos for growers and agribusiness consultants to watch.

In 2017, Dominie completed her PhD at UWA on developing a training and information framework for farmers and agronomists in Australia, titled “Are we going against the grain in training?”.

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