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Don’t rely on fungicides for net blotch and septoria

Nick Poole, Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) Australia talks about fungicide resistance at the GRDC updates in Adelaide, February 2015.

He warns not to rely on fungicides to control Net Form of Net Blotch (NFNB) and Septoria tritici Blotch (STB). Use an Integrated Disease Management (IDM) package to prevent pathogen resistance and preserve fungicide effectiveness.


Take home messages

  • Do not base the control of diseases such as NFNB and STB on
    fungicides alone.
  • Use them as part of an Integrated Disease Management (IDM)
    approach to control these diseases – understand the key IDM levers.
  • Need for more diverse range of fungicide options in the future.
  • New fungicides entering the cereal market offer a real step forward,
    however they will need protecting from pathogen resistance.
  • To prevent fungicide resistance in these pathogens we will need to
    adopt sound anti-resistance measures as part of an IDM approach.

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