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DAFWA Webinar Managing Barley Leaf Rust in 2015 with Kithsiri Jayasena

June 2015

Kithsiri Jayasena from DAFWA discusses the susceptibility of barley varieties to barley leaf rust and the management strategies available.

The new pathotype of barley leaf rust, 5457P-, became established in southern WA in 2014.

In 2014 an abundance of leaf rust was detected in the Lower Great Southern Region. This combined with rains in early 2015 and the retention of barley regrowth for sheep feed has resulted in the increased risk of this disease affecting crops in the region in 2015, as has been shown by the detection of rust spores in spore traps.

Kithsiri discusses the implications of this pathotype on barley varieties with different rust resistant genes and the most successful treatment programs available for each variety.

Treatment options are also discussed for situations where the rust has already been detected in crops this year.

KEY MESSAGE: Know the resistance ranking of the barley variety being grown and budget for fungicide application if in a high risk area.

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