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DAFWA 2014 Disease and Pest Update

Plant Pathologists and Entomologists from the WA Department of Agriculture and Food delivered a webinar in December 2014 on Pest and Disease research results and seasonally topical crop protection issues. The webinar recording can be viewed below.

The webinar provided valuable information to anybody associated with grains production in WA.

The webinar included the following presentations:

Introduction -Dominie Wright

2014 The Season That Was – Geoff Thomas

Geoff describes the disease situation in the 2014 season in Western Australia including management recommendations for 2015.

Cereal Root Disease Management – Daniel Huberli

Daniel describes field trial results for managing Rhizoctonia and Crown Rot.

Resistant redlegged earthmites – Svetlana Micic

Svetlana talks about the geographic distribution and types of insecticide resistance in redlegged earthmites and management options.

Industry impact of barley leaf rust – Kithsiri Jayasena

Kithsiri talks about barley leaf rust, variety choice and the value of adult plant resistance.

Wheat leaf rust – Geoff Thomas

Geoff outlines the new leaf rust pathotype, the impact and management.

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