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CropSafe, helping to keep Victoria free from exotic pests & diseases – Podcast


CropSafe, helping to keep Victoria free from exotic pests & diseases.

CropSafe is Victoria’s field crop pest and disease surveillance system that works with more than 200 agronomists to provide diagnostic assistance to help identify broadacre pests and diseases that are unusual or “Out-of-the-box”.

In this podcast, Luise Sigel, Project Officer, Grains Pathology Services with Agriculture Victoria explains more about the CropSafe program.

CropSafe helps assure both domestic and international markets of Victoria’s area of freedom status. CropSafe agronomists provide crucial surveillance information from crops and paddocks inspected during the season that is used to generate the probability of area freedom for Victoria. 

For agronomists new to Victoria or those who want to find out more, please contact

Further information links 

For more information on CropSafe head to the Agriculture Victoria website.


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