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BWYV in Canola – Don McCaffery NSW DPI interview

Don McCaffery, Technical Specialist (Pulses and Oilseeds), NSW DPI talks about the beet western yellows virus (BWYV) outbreak in canola.

He discusses the spread of the virus in NSW, monitoring for green peach aphid (GPA), considerations for spraying, virus symptoms, potential yield impact and implications for 2015.

Growers are advised to monitor for aphids and be watchful for insecticide resistance.

Whilst small scale trials have shown up to 50% yield loss for infections at rosette stage the impact of infection at later stages is unclear. It is estimated that yield loss from later infection will be considerably lower, approximately less than 10%.

For next year, the virus will not carryover in seed. Growers should use insecticide seed treatments and monitor all crops for aphids.

For more information see the complete slidedeck from the BWYV workshop at Wagga Wagga, NSW on 5 August 2014.

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