Blackleg Management Guide

Figure 1. Blackleg leaf lesion on canola

Figure 1. Blackleg leaf lesion on canola

Blackleg is a fungal disease of canola that can cause severe yield loss. It is more severe in areas of intensive canola production as fungal spores are released from the previous year’s canola stubble and spread by wind and rain splash. With good management yield loss can be minimised.

The blackleg management guide is used to determine the risk of blackleg in your canola crop and provides ways to reduce yield loss. Monitoring your canola crop to determine the current level of blackleg is essential. If blackleg is causing yield loss in your crop you should work through the management options, in sequence, to reduce future losses. These include the resistance rating of the cultivar you grow, distance to the previous year’s stubble and fungicide use.

The final management option to use is the rotation of blackleg resistance groups. Table 3 in the blackleg management guide displays the rotation group of each cultivar that is commercially available in the current year as well as information on which are the best cultivars to rotate with. However, if the stubble in your paddock (the cultivar grown last year) is a cultivar that is no longer commercially available you will not find its resistance group in the management guide.

For the latest information and ratings refer to the latest Blackleg management guide (updated in Spring and Autumn). While you are there download the Blackleg Risk Management Worksheet and review your current management practices to see what you can change to reduce your disease risk.

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