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Benchmarking blackleg fungicide resistance

Understanding the current levels of fungicide resistance in blackleg populations is key to monitoring the effectiveness of current fungicides and new chemistries entering the market. In 2015 a survey of 200 canola paddocks found 15% of canola paddocks contained blackleg that was tolerant to Jockey fungicide (fluquinconazole). This season, Marcroft Grains Pathology has been testing blackleg populations from 100 paddocks across Australia for tolerance to Jockey and all other fungicides currently on the market, plus new chemistries that are forecast to be commercially available in the next two years. Angela Van de Wouw explains how they conduct this testing and what the preliminary results are showing.


Luise Sigel, Agriculture Victoria
Steve Marcroft, Marcroft Grains Pathology
Alex Idnurm, The University of Melbourne

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