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Bacterial blight survey to inform breeding efforts

Symptoms of bacterial blight on Kaspa field peas grown at Horsham, Victoria

Following on from samples submitted in 2017 & 2018, researchers are again this year requesting industry to submit green field pea samples infected with bacterial blight from all pea growing regions. These samples will help researchers understand the prevalence of the pathovars within the bacterial blight pathogen population.

Bacterial blight disease in field pea is caused by the bacterial pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae.  This pathogen has two pathovars, pv.syringae and pv. Pisi. with the latter having multiple races.  The national field pea breeding program actively breeds for resistance against these two pathovars. Agriculture Victoria has been collecting bacterial blight isolates since the early 1900s with most of the older samples consisting of the pisi races and dominated by Race 3. In the last 6 years however, samples collected from Victoria and SA have only identified the syringae pathovar.

The 2019 season presents an ideal opportunity to add to the current collection and confirm the dominance of pv. syringae. Understanding the make-up of the pathogen population is important in providing direction to the breeding program to facilitate the development of resistant varieties in the future.

 Bacterial blight sampling

Cut symptomatic areas of the pea plants and put fresh samples in a plastic bag. Fill in the survey form and contact Dr. Pragya Kant on (03) 4344 3111 for a reply paid or alternatively send the form and green sample by express post in a cooler bag to:

Dr. Pragya Kant
Agriculture Victoria
Private Bag 260
Horsham, VIC, 3401

Please label the package clearly with “Please store in the fridge”.

Download the survey form here

All samples will be processed by isolating bacteria from the infected samples and a report will be provided to the submitter. Results of the survey will be published on GRDC Communities – Field Crop Diseases.

Further Information

Dr. Pragya Kant                                                                                                          Agriculture Victoria                                                                                                Grains Innovation Park                                                                                                  110 Natimuk Rd, Horsham, Vic. 3400                                                              Phone: (03) 4344 3111, Mobile: 0418 749 984                                                          Email:

SARDI Crop Watch, Issue 5, September 2019

For further information on the 2017 survey results read the GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases article – Bacterial blight survey to inform breeding efforts – 2017 survey results.

For further information on Bacterial blight symptoms and management read the GRDC Communities Field Crop Diseases article – Bacterial blight in field peas.

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