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Understanding disease: there’s a podcast for that

There's a podcast for that

A range of podcasts have been developed, in conjunction with Australian plant pathologists and grains researchers, to help farmers and agronomists to understand issues surrounding crop disease and management.  With more and more farmers choosing to access information on the go and at their own convenience, podcasting is one such […]

Protecting the longevity of new fungicides

Protecting the longevity of new fungicides

Fungicide resistance is real and is with us right now.  We need to recognise that it is going to continue to be a problem for decades to come.  Fungicide resistance is something that cannot be stopped, unless we halt using these products. This is not a reality in our farming […]

Blackleg in canola – Snapshot October 2019

Blackleg in canola

Blackleg in canola can cause severe yield loss, but can be successfully managed. Keep up with the latest information from the southern region on blackleg.                                                    […]