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Workshops unearth promising tactics on the farm

More Profit from Crop Nutrition (MPCN) held a workshop at Keytah, near Moree in north-western NSW. Nick Gillingham manages Sundown Pastoral Company‘s cropping operations on the farm. Some issues with management implications for Nick at Keytah were discussed at the workshop.

  • Compaction and options to remediate
  • Phosphorus – removal rates, not banding for cotton
  • Zinc with starter fertiliser
  • Precision Ag – mapping paddock zones and optimising variable rates.

The workshop took a detailed look at the balance between soil nutrient levels and crop profitability. The workshop focussed on discussions between:

  • leading Australian crop nutrition researchers:
  • local farmers
  • local crop advisors.

More Profit from Crop Nutrition (MPCN) is funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). The Keytah workshop was on July 26, 2016. Other workshops were held through New South Wales in July and August 2016.

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