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The latest on Nitrogen at the 2017 GRDC Updates

Managing N loss risks – Chris Dowling

Practical N management can minimise the economic impact of N loss events. Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Company presented at the Bellata Update.

Denitrification and managing nitrogen loss risk – key factors affecting loss.

Nitrogen application – Richard Daniel

The rate of nitrogen application drove yield and grain quality in trials conducted by Northern Grower Alliance (NGA). Neither timing of N application or physical incorporation of N fertiliser changed outcomes. Richard Daniel presented at the Goondiwindi, Bellata and Condamine Updates.

Nitrogen management in wheat 2016 – method, timing and variety

High N strategies for canola – Maurice Street

The optimal rates of N fertiliser for canola may be higher than traditionally thought. High N rates may benefit subsequent wheat crops. Maurice Street from Grains Orana Alliance (GOA) presented at the Dubbo Update.

High nitrogen fertiliser strategies on canola.

Nutrients from stubble – Bhupinder Pal Singh

Stubbles can be a source of nutrients. Incorporated into soil, canola residues provide more N, P and S than wheat residues. Nutrient supply from soil organic matter also increased following tillage. NSW DPI researcher Bhupinder Pal Singh presented at the Dubbo and Wagga Wagga Updates.

Enhancing availability of nutrients from soil organic matter and crop residues.

Wet season 2016 – Rob Norton

Getting a handle on the current nitrogen status of paddocks is important.  ANZ IPNI’s Rob Norton presented in Adelaide, Wagga Wagga, Bendigo and Rupanyup.

Impacts of a wet season on crop nutrition.

NUE with mid-row banding – Graeme Sandral

Mid-row banding urea at sowing was more profitable and efficient than other N application methods. NSW DPI’s Graeme Sandral presented at Wagga Wagga.

A test of nitrogen fertiliser use efficiency in wheat using mid-row banding.


Other talks related to N management:

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