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Tillage increases P accessibility

Tillage can redistribute phosphorus (P) within the top 10 cm of the soil. P often becomes concentrated at the soil surface, especially in no-till paddocks. Getting P deeper into the soil is important in dry seasons when the active root zones are deeper. Trials tested the response of wheat to […]

Top 10 crop nutrition articles 2015

During 2015 eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition published 43 articles on many different aspects of crop nutrition in the Australian grains industry. All of these articles were prepared with, and reviewed by, members of our Community of Practice, Australia’s leading experts in crop nutrition. These are our top ten – the most popular […]

No-till soils and strategic tillage

NSW DPI’s Mark Conyers is working on getting the information we need to make decisions on striking a balance between the benefits of conservation farming, and the rationale for strategic tillage to manage issues like acidity, weeds, pests and crop diseases. One emerging issue is how well conventional soil sampling is […]