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Tag archive: test strip

Point and shoot: a brief look at crop sensors for N management

Knowing in-crop nitrogen (N) status is a critical part of good crop nutrition. Crop N sensors can give a real-time estimate of plant N status. This helps gauge if N levels are excessive or deficient (ideally before yield loss occurs).  How sensors work Sensors don’t measure N content directly. They […]

Showy test strip? You need more nutrients

Agronomists and growers use fertiliser test strips to see if a crop might respond to additional nutrients. Test strips are bands of a specific nutrient, put out in the cropping paddock. A nutrient is applied at a higher rate than the fertiliser base rate in the paddock. Ideally, another strip […]

N-rich strips show if your crop needs a boost this season

  An N-rich test strip in your paddock allows you to follow nitrogen supply in-crop, and see what responses are likely to additional N. The test strip is a part of the paddock where additional N is applied – above the base rate applied to the rest of the paddock. […]