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Tag archive: soil acidity

Four ways acid soils affect crop nutrition

Most growers know that major plant nutrients become less available as soil pH decreases. But there are four ways acid soils can affect crop nutrition. Soils are considered strongly acid when the pH is below 5.5. Serious problems are likely when the pH falls below 4.5. 1. Plant roots and […]

Are acid layers in the topsoil hurting yield?

Acid layers within the topsoil can cause crop failure in acid-sensitive plants like faba beans and chickpeas. Conventional agriculture acidifies soil through ammonium fertilisers, nitrate leaching, and product removal e.g. harvesting grain.  Topsoil acidity is usually measured as a 0-10 cm core. This provides an average pH for the topsoil […]

Manage pH for profit

Video: Craig Scanlan from Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia talks about the interactions between nutrition and soil acidity. Research in Western Australia has been looking into the interactions between Phosphorus (P) fertiliser rates and soil pH given that most West Australian cropping soils have good soil P reserves […]