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Tag archive: sandy soils

Rate more critical than timing of N in poor sandy soils

The efficient use of nitrogen (N) remains critical for closing yield gaps and managing risk in low rainfall and sandy soil environments. In a recent GRDC Communities podcast, Dr Therese McBeath discusses the benefits to wheat and canola from upfront nitrogen (N) applications, even after a legume crop. It seems […]

Looking for better yields from sandy soils

Sandy soils can show poor water use by crops. There are around 5 million hectares of sandy soils in Australia’s low-medium rainfall southern region. Growers see poor crop performance even with residual subsoil water at harvest. To date, options to improve sandy soils are either: Mitigation: lower-cost, annual activities.  Techniques […]

Crop nutrition in soils with added clay

David Hall from DAFWA says adding clays to sandy soils can add significant Potassium and Phosphorous, as well as improve the nutrient holding capacity of the soil.  Recorded at the National Soil Science conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 2014. Further information Proceedings of the Soil Science Australia National Soil […]