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Tag archive: protein

Will mid-season N be worth it?

As the winter cropping season progresses, some fortunate growers may be considering in-crop nitrogen (N) applications.  At the 2016 GRDC research updates, CSIRO researcher and mixed farmer John Angus discussed when and how to review N nutrition during the season. Once a cereal crop has emerged, the key times to […]

Is low protein wheat a symptom of low soil organic matter?

Lower than expected grain protein levels could be a symptom of declining soil organic matter (SOM) levels. Since higher protein wheat can fetch a premium price, it’s worth understanding how SOM fits into in-season nitrogen (N) management. Nitrogen supply is a critical driver of grain protein content. Higher yield and […]

Is it worth targeting a jump up in protein grade?

Some significant global premiums are emerging for high protein wheat grades. These international prices are starting to flow through to domestic wheat prices. Prime hard wheat (standard is a minimum 13% protein) was recently quoted at a premium of $85/tonne over APW wheat (10.5% protein, 5% screenings, 12.5% moisture) in […]