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Tag archive: podcast

Podcast outlines the importance of K

In a recent GRDC Communities Crop Nutrition podcast, Dr Richard Bell from Murdoch University explained the importance of potassium (K) for optimal plant growth and reducing the effects of stressors such as drought, frost and salinity. K is second only to nitrogen in importance for crop growth. Many soils in […]

Rate more critical than timing of N in poor sandy soils

The efficient use of nitrogen (N) remains critical for closing yield gaps and managing risk in low rainfall and sandy soil environments. In a recent GRDC Communities podcast, Dr Therese McBeath discusses the benefits to wheat and canola from upfront nitrogen (N) applications, even after a legume crop. It seems […]

Sowing time and conditions affect P requirements.

  The amount of residual phosphorus (P) a crop takes up is largely determined by soil moisture and soil temperature. These conditions can vary significantly across a typical three-month sowing period from April to June. This variation can impact the P fertiliser requirements of crops at sowing. Recent trials in […]

Easy listening with our new podcast channel

Did you know that GRDC Communities now has a podcast channel that connects you to science-based solutions for agriculture? Featuring podcasts on crop nutrition and field crop disease topics, in this series, we share conversations with some of the best researchers & experts from around the country so you can […]

New Podcast- Ameliorating your soils to increase nutrient availability

In this episode of GRDC Communities, Tony Cox interviews Mark Gherardi from Summit Fertilizers about the importance of nutrition after amelioration. They discuss methods of combating soil acidity, and the effects of amelioration programs on nutrient availability. Mark describes the range of things growers can do to address soil constraints; […]

Top tips for growers around potassium- podcast

In this episode of our GRDC Communities Podcast, Tony Cox interviews James Easton, senior agronomist from CSBP, about how producers should address the depleted state of Western Australian subsoils. He emphasises the need to conduct deep soil testing to determine the extent of potassium deficiencies and also discusses the effect […]

Ask an Expert round table discussion

In this GRDC Communities podcast, Tony Cox hosts a roundtable discussion with some of Australia‚Äôs leading nutritionists: Victor Sadras and Nigel Wilhelm from SARDI, Sean Mason from Agronomy Solutions, Andrew Parkinson from Landmark, and Mike McLaughlin from the University of Adelaide. The panelists discuss some of the key considerations for […]