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How are you growing a great break crop?

The yields of ‘break crops’ are more important to farm incomes with higher prices for some non-cereal crops.  In 2017, 22.5 million hectares were sown to winter crops. Over 20% – 4.7 million ha – were non-cereals. In the period leading up until 2011, break crops were around 14% of […]

On-farm crop nutrition workshop series

MPCN II Roadshow The most recent soil and plant nutrition research and local nutrition strategies will be presented in a series of on-farm workshops from the GRDC-funded More Crop from Crop Nutrition II (MPCN II) initiative. Four workshops will be held across Northwest, NSW and are an opportunity to hear […]

What happens to P from crop residues?

Annie McNeill from the University of Adelaide talks about the challenges in understanding what happens to the phosphorous returned to the soil in crop and break crop residues. Recorded at the National Soil Science Conference at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, November 2014. Further information National Soils Conference proceedings: Available P in topsoil […]