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Tag archive: nutrient deficiencies

Crop nutrition research put in the spotlight

The More Profit From Crop Nutrition II (MPCN II) initiative features in the July/August 2016 Ground Cover Supplement. MPCN II brings together more than 20 Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded crop nutrition projects from across Australia with the aim of improving fertiliser input returns and nutrient use efficiency […]

Diagnosing crop problems

Diagnosing the cause of symptoms seen in crops can be helped by sampling soils and plant tissues during the growing season. Where patches of poor growth are seen, either soil or plant tissue samples from within the good and poor patches can be taken and sent for analysis. For plant […]

2015 crop prospects & Nitrogen

Some fertilizer goes on at or just before sowing. As the season progresses we need to: revisit paddock yield potential decide if, when and how much to top up Nitrogen (N). Splitting applications of N fertilizer through the season is a way of increasing nitrogen use efficiency, and better matching […]

Understanding & managing multiple nutrient deficiency

Mike Bell from the University of Queensland and QAAFI talks about the increasing incidence they are seeing of soils with multiple nutrient problems and the implications on fertiliser management strategies. The video was taken at the National Soils Conference held in Melbourne in November 2014.   Further information GRDC: Deep […]

Be alert for signs of nutrient deficiencies

Now is a good time of year to look for unusual symptoms in your crops that could indicate possible nutrient deficiencies. As Mark Conyers’ says, “Sometimes the best fertiliser is the shadow of the farmer”, so keep your eyes open while going around your crops. Things like poor growth or […]

SPOTLIGHT: Nutrient deficiency Apps

So you can see signs of nutrient deficiency on the crop – but what is causing the problem? Tissue testing would give a definitive answer, and the scale of the problem. In the meantime there are some apps available now that might help. But is it really a nutrient deficiency? […]