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Tag archive: nitrogen

Nitrogen volatilised – factors affecting how much is lost

Fertiliser nitrogen may be lost from the soil in several different ways, including: ● ammonia volatilisation, ● nitrate leaching and ● nitrate denitrification. Factors affecting these losses include the fertiliser compound, fertiliser form, type of application, timing of application, soil properties, rainfall amount and intensity, and temperature and wind after […]

Is it too late for N?

Perspectives from the Northern, Southern and Western grain growing regions, September 2014. South Chris Sounness, Birchip Cropping Group. In the southern region the condition of the crops in late 2014 is diverse. Struggling, almost unharvestable through some areas of the southern Mallee in Victoria, to looking very good through some […]

Nitrogen in the west update

  New video on nitrogen deficiency in the west by GRDC featuring Liam Ryan from DAFWA and member of eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition. See also: – our previous article Nitrogen low in the west – DAFWA’s artcile Critical tissue nitrogen concentrations for diagnosis of nitrogen deficiency in wheat

Managing crop nutrition

Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Company and member of eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition talks about in crop nitrogen while at the Managing Crop Nutrition for Growers update at Dubbo.

Nitrogen low in the West

Plant-available nitrogen in the soil profile is lower across the western grainbelt this year compared with the previous four years. Grain growers across the Western region are urged to monitor crops for nitrogen deficiency. Last season’s high grain yields and the dry summer have combined to reduce soil nitrogen. For […]

Seasonal outlook for N requirements

Listen to Mark Conyers, from NSW Department of Primary Industries, talking about the implications of seasonal outlook and N requirements for this year’s crop.   Press play.    

Nailing nitrogen applications

For Wimmera and Mallee farming businesses, fertiliser is the biggest variable expense.  Creating Nitrogen (N) budgets based on predicted yields makes sense. N budgets start with realistic target yields based on predicted rainfall for the growing season. For wheat it is calculated as yield (kg/ha) = (growing season rainfall (mm) […]

Natural nitrogen peak in the North

A couple of months ago it was so dry we wondered if we could grow a crop this year. Now we have had reasonable planting rain and everybody is madly sowing. The soil moisture from the March rainfall has stimulated mineralisation of N in the soil and it is still […]

Be effective and efficient with N

Efficiency and effectiveness are different dimensions of nutrient use efficiency (NUE). The most efficient way to use fertilisers is not to use any, but that is not effective, as production is likely to be nutrient limited. IPNI’s Rob Norton gave a rundown on NUE terms and details, and how they […]

Time for an N-Rich test strip

To reduce some of the uncertainty about in-crop nitrogen, Dr Rob Norton from the International Plant Nutrition Institute suggests using an N-Rich strip applied either presowing or soon after sowing. If responses can be seen later in the season where the extra N was applied, it is a good indication […]

Refining fertiliser recommendations for 2014

Chris Dowling

Chris Dowling from Back Paddock Company, and member of the eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition Community of Practice, presented to Advisers at the GRDC Update at Coonabarabran.