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Tag archive: nitrogen

Turnaround in yield potential for the west

Rainfall in late July and early August changes the outlook for grain growers in some parts of Western Australia. Earlier this month AEGIC released a statement on the changing fortunes of the 2015 season. The STIN model predicted the average wheat yield across the state of Western Australia moving from […]

Uneven urea spreading costs $$

The majority of fertilizer spreaders deliver substantial variation in their spread pattern. Some areas of the paddock receive too much fertilizer and others too little. Recent improvements to the Accu-Spread program now allow yield and gross return outcomes from varying nitrogen fertilizer spread patterns to be assessed in wheat and […]

2015 crop prospects & Nitrogen

Some fertilizer goes on at or just before sowing. As the season progresses we need to: revisit paddock yield potential decide if, when and how much to top up Nitrogen (N). Splitting applications of N fertilizer through the season is a way of increasing nitrogen use efficiency, and better matching […]

Adding N with Legumes

Mark Peoples from CSIRO talks about recent research, funded by GRDC,  into the value of legume rotations for adding nitrogen (N) to cropping soils, and explains some rules of thumb for growers in the southern region. The work looked at two kinds of legume rotation: pulse crops where the grain […]

Do you know your Nitrogen Use Efficiency?

Water use efficiency is widely recognised as a key performance indicator for crop production. Similarly nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) is an important indicator of resource use effectiveness and economic performance of this important crop input. Why measure NUE? Nitrogen fertilizer is frequently the biggest single cost within cropping variable costs. With […]

What is the value of fixed N?

How much N does a legume crop give a following cereal crop? A review looked at the $ value of Nitrogen (N) fixed by legume crops (chickpeas or lupins) to a following cereal crop around Australia. This work will be presented at the Agronomy Conference in September 2015 in Hobart. […]

Using legumes to reduce N losses

Mike Bell from the University of Queensland and QAAFI talks about the role of legumes in reducing nitrogen fertliser inputs and reducing the risk of nitrogen losses. The video was taken at the National Soils Conference held in Melbourne in November 2014. For more information: Denitrification the latest chapter in […]

Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from dryland grains soils

Graeme Schwenke from NSW DPI talks about reducing nitrous oxide emissions from dryland grains soils in northern NSW.  Nitrification inhibitors substantially reduced nitrous oxide emissions and other N losses when heavy rains and waterlogging follow fertiliser application. Splitting N applications and alternate fertiliser forms were also looked at. The video […]

Understanding & managing multiple nutrient deficiency

Mike Bell from the University of Queensland and QAAFI talks about the increasing incidence they are seeing of soils with multiple nutrient problems and the implications on fertiliser management strategies. The video was taken at the National Soils Conference held in Melbourne in November 2014.   Further information GRDC: Deep […]

How much N is in the soil?

Louise Barton, Soil Scientist from the University of Western Australia talks about the importance of understanding how much nitrogen is in the soil before seeding. Louise was interviewed at the National Soil Conference held in Melbourne in November 2014. Further information Proceedings of the Soil Science Australia National Soil Science […]

Summer Crop Nutrition 2014 / 2015

After a hot finish to the winter crop season, the opportunity for summer crops is now upon us. Fertilisers can account for up to 40% of the variable costs of growing a crop. Hence it is well worth investing money in accurate soil testing and agronomic advice to help balance […]

Top dress nitrogen for profit

Charlie Walker, from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers based in Geelong, talks about the results of field trials on nitrogen top dressing and what they can tell us about increasing profitability by making good decisions. Charlie Walker presented on the topic ‘Top dress nitrogen for profit’ at the 2014 Fertilizer Australia conference,  .