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Tag archive: nitrogen

Point and shoot: a brief look at crop sensors for N management

Knowing in-crop nitrogen (N) status is a critical part of good crop nutrition. Crop N sensors can give a real-time estimate of plant N status. This helps gauge if N levels are excessive or deficient (ideally before yield loss occurs).  How sensors work Sensors don’t measure N content directly. They […]

Rate more critical than timing of N in poor sandy soils

The efficient use of nitrogen (N) remains critical for closing yield gaps and managing risk in low rainfall and sandy soil environments. In a recent GRDC Communities podcast, Dr Therese McBeath discusses the benefits to wheat and canola from upfront nitrogen (N) applications, even after a legume crop. It seems […]

Things to consider when applying nitrogen fertiliser

There are a few key points to consider before applying nitrogen (N) fertiliser:   Nitrogen is the nutrient removed in the largest quantities in grain at harvest. Pulses in the system can provide some free N. Calculate a few target yields using one of the many tools available that vary yield […]

Can trace elements affect nitrogen use efficiency in crops?

Any kind of nutrient deficiency can reduce crop yields. Trace elements are only needed in small amounts but untreated, deficiencies can cause important crop losses. Also, crops won’t make the most of nitrogen (N) fertiliser if they can’t access the trace elements. Nutrient use efficiency is a measure of how […]

An updated Nitrogen Nutrition Index to check in-crop N

The Nitrogen Nutrition Index (NNI) is one way to help gauge in-season crop status. The NNI is the ratio of the amount of N in the crop to the critical N concentration (Nc) of the plant tops. By comparing crop N (from lab tests) to a dilution curve with Nc […]

Are you losing nitrogen from leaching?

Leaching happens when water containing nutrients moves beyond the rootzone. Nitrate (NO3) is the form of nitrogen (N) most vulnerable to leaching. It is also the preferred form of N for plant uptake which means if N is available to plants it also has the potential to leach.  How much […]

Will mid-season N be worth it?

As the winter cropping season progresses, some fortunate growers may be considering in-crop nitrogen (N) applications.  At the 2016 GRDC research updates, CSIRO researcher and mixed farmer John Angus discussed when and how to review N nutrition during the season. Once a cereal crop has emerged, the key times to […]

The best of 2018

open ebook and Cover of ebook

GRDC’s Crop Nutrition Community of Practice continues to be an important extension initiative for industry, providing reliable information sourced from key research scientists across Australia.  Throughout 2018, we published 46 articles (that’s a lot!). So, we collected our most popular articles from this period – those that best reflect the […]

Soil carbon key to nutrient renewal

Jeff Baldock, CSIRO discusses Soil Carbon Decline

  Recent research into organic soil carbon and its effect on soil nutrient levels suggests care must be taken to avoid mining nutrients from our agricultural soils. CSIRO research scientist Jeff Baldock outlined his concerns in a recent video discussion with GRDC Communities Crop Nutrition. Nitrogen (N) is being mined […]

Legumes provide significant N in low rainfall systems

Legume break crops can provide significant fixed nitrogen (N) for subsequent cereal crops. From 2013 – 2015, Michael Moodie (Mallee Sustainable Farming) compared various legume crop productivity and N contribution in low rainfall environments. Trials were conducted in the Victorian and South Australian Mallee regions, where N is often limiting. […]

Will late N applications be worthwhile?

Growers in some lucky regions are now considering late, in-crop applications of nitrogen. Crops in Western Australia, south-west Victoria, and parts of Tasmania still have above average yield potential. Given current grain prices, the economic reward from late N application to these crops is likely to be high. But late […]

How to fine-tune mid-season nitrogen

Applying nitrogen (N) at multiple times during the season can better match crop demand, minimise risk, and increase returns. Mid-season is a good time to reassess crop N needs. There are a variety of tools to help growers estimate crop N needs. Most use a budget where the N rate […]