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Tag archive: ASWAT

Does your canola crop really need gypsum?

Do you apply gypsum every time you plant canola? Are you sure you need to?  Gypsum can supply sulphur (S), calcium (Ca), and treat sodic (dispersive) soils.  Some growers use gypsum to both improve soil structure and supply S. Gypsum only improves soil structure in dispersive soils. A simple DIY […]

Do you have dispersive soil? Do this test to find out

The soil on the left is not dispersive. The soil on the far right is highly dispersive.

In dispersive soils, the structure deteriorates when the soil is wet. Dispersive soils are prone to compaction, temporary waterlogging and reduced seedling emergence. None of which are great for cropping.  Many soils in south-eastern Australia had naturally dispersive topsoils. These soils are high in sodium (Na) and are also known […]