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Tag archive: All regions

The cost of a poor spread pattern

In a follow-up to our article How even is your spread?  Chris Lightfoot, Consultant Economist from Melbourne, talks about the Accu-Spread program and recent work to estimate the cost of bout width variation delivered by most fertilizer spreaders. What is the reduction in variation worth the farmers in terms of gross margin? […]

SPOTLIGHT: Nutrient deficiency Apps

So you can see signs of nutrient deficiency on the crop – but what is causing the problem? Tissue testing would give a definitive answer, and the scale of the problem. In the meantime there are some apps available now that might help. But is it really a nutrient deficiency? […]

How even is your spread?

The vast majority of fertiliser spreaders deliver highly varied spread patterns. Accu-Spread evaluates spread patterns from broadcast spreaders to help achieve an even result. A new machine is no guarantee that an acceptable spread pattern will be achieved. Most spreaders do not provide acceptable uniformity of spread at the typical […]

Tissue testing tells….

Plant tissue testing helps ensure fertiliser responses are not compromised by factors we can control. How effective was the fertiliser applied? Tissue testing tells a lot about the effectiveness of different fertiliser treatments. The effectiveness of one product compared to another, or one strategy versus another is ultimately determined by […]

A new way of looking at P nutrition

Mike Bell from QAAFI and the University of Queensland presented to Advisers at the GRDC Update at Coonabarabran. In this video Mike talks about a new way of looking at P nutrition. For the full paper visit the GRDC website.