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Soil and plant testing helps manage fertiliser use


The move from sheep-based farming to a multi-cropping focus brought many challenges for Western Australian farmer Brad Wood.

In this case study Brad outlines how understanding the best way to manage stubbles became a focus on his Kendenup property, where he farms barley, wheat, canola, peas and faba beans with his wife Roxane and his two sons Jeremy and Clayton.

Inadequate soil nutrition is often the cause of yield and economic loss in cropping enterprises and, something Brad says has become an important focus for his management.

Senior Agronomy Research Scientist with Primary Industries and Regions SA’s research division, the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Dr Nigel Wilhelm believes focusing on soil and crop nutrition is a major key in getting the most value out of dollars spent on fertilisers on-farm. .

See Brads full case study together with  the underlying science of soil and plant testing and how this helps manage fertiliser use from Dr Wilhelm here


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