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36 results found for ‘nitrogen use efficiency’.

Reducing Nitrogen losses in the High Rainfall Zone of Victoria

Strategies to reduce Nitrogen (N) losses in Victorian High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) cropping systems are getting clearer. Recent research in south western Victoria examined rates of N applied, placement of fertilisers and nitrification inhibitors. This work is part of the national agricultural nitrous oxide research program, supported by the GRDC. […]

Nitrogen – Australian Agronomy 2015

The 2015 Australian Agronomy conference was held in Hobart in September 2015. The conference theme was Building Productive, Diverse and Sustainable Landscapes. Of the many presentations we have selected and grouped those we think are most of interest to Australian crop nutritionists. This is our selection on Nitrogen.     […]

2015 crop prospects & Nitrogen

Some fertilizer goes on at or just before sowing. As the season progresses we need to: revisit paddock yield potential decide if, when and how much to top up Nitrogen (N). Splitting applications of N fertilizer through the season is a way of increasing nitrogen use efficiency, and better matching […]

Nailing nitrogen applications

For Wimmera and Mallee farming businesses, fertiliser is the biggest variable expense.  Creating Nitrogen (N) budgets based on predicted yields makes sense. N budgets start with realistic target yields based on predicted rainfall for the growing season. For wheat it is calculated as yield (kg/ha) = (growing season rainfall (mm) […]

Soil health a popular theme in the south

During February 2019, the GRDC Grains Research Updates for the southern region were held in Boort, Hopetoun, Dunkeld and Bendigo in Victoria and in Maitland and Adelaide in South Australia. Soil health was a popular theme of the Southern Updates, with presentations that included: Disentangling soil amelioration and plant nutrition […]

Register now: Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference 2019

“Register now for the 2019 Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference.”

Register now for the 2019 Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference. Early bird registration closes at midnight on July 26.  When: 4–6 September 2019. Where: RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast. With a diverse conference program, just some of the topics of interest include: Fertilizer application technology The potential for potassium fertilizer […]

Dr Chris Dowling

Dr Chris Dowling is the Technical Services Manager and a Director of Back Paddock Company. He is responsible for technical oversight of development of the Back Paddock Company’s decision support systems and crop nutrition training courses, and has managed a range of industry and privately funded consulting projects. Chris’ current […]

Watch our webinar: how to review last season’s crop nutrition decisions

You might know how much you or your client spent on crop nutrition last season, but do you know if it was well spent? Review at the end of the season is the best place to answer that question. How do you assess how well last season’s crop nutrition management […]

Top 10 crop nutrition articles 2015

During 2015 eXtensionAUS Crop Nutrition published 43 articles on many different aspects of crop nutrition in the Australian grains industry. All of these articles were prepared with, and reviewed by, members of our Community of Practice, Australia’s leading experts in crop nutrition. These are our top ten – the most popular […]

How good was your crop nutrition last season? Tools for review

How do you assess how well last season’s crop nutrition management shaped up? Every grower knows how much they spend on crop nutrition. They do not always know if it was well spent. A good crop nutrition program maintains soil fertility, and supplies what is needed to meet the productivity […]

Will mid-season N be worth it?

As the winter cropping season progresses, some fortunate growers may be considering in-crop nitrogen (N) applications.  At the 2016 GRDC research updates, CSIRO researcher and mixed farmer John Angus discussed when and how to review N nutrition during the season. Once a cereal crop has emerged, the key times to […]

Sow close to the row to boost crops after a dry year

On-row or edge row sowing means sowing a new crop immediately alongside or in the previous crop row. Grain crops are usually sown inter-row (between the old crop rows). On-row sowing for phosphorus On-row sowing can make use of last year’s phosphorus (P) fertiliser. Phosphorus is not a very mobile […]