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Rob Norton recognised for excellence at fertiliser conference

Rob Norton

Congratulations to Rob Norton, who last night received an award recognising his long contribution to the Fertilizer industry, from Fertilizer Australia. Rob, the Regional Director of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI), is also the chair of extensionAUS’s crop nutrition Community of Practice. The award was presented at the conference dinner for the 2017 joint national conference of Australian Fertiliser Service Association (AFSA) Victorian branch, together with Fertilizer Australia in Torquay, Victoria.

Rob is an expert in agronomy and crop nutrition of grain crops, especially canola. Dedicated and passionate about agriculture, he has spent over four decades furthering Australian crop nutrition science.

A keen communicator, Rob has helped promote the latest knowledge and advice. He has authored more than 130 journal papers, book chapters and conference papers, plus hundreds of extension articles. Rob has supervised 14 higher degree students and taught a generation of undergraduate students.

Rob’s colleagues said:

“Rob has made a tremendous contribution to the grains industry in Australia, not only in research where he is an expert on N nutrition of crops, but also in extension and education where he is a “must have” speaker at GRDC Updates and Workshops. His presentations are not only informative and focused on the hot topics for the season, they are also engaging and humorous. Rob often receives great audience feedback for his presentations and it is evident he is a master of communication.”

Prof. Mike McLaughlin, University of Adelaide and Deputy Chair of the GRDC Southern Panel

“Rob’s communication skills are outstanding. He can take the most technical and complex issues, like climate change or nutrient use efficiency, and boil them down to their practical essence, and deliver them in an understandable way, seasoned with humor. We feel fortunate that Rob included IPNI in his distinguished and highly productive career.”

Dr Terry Roberts, President of IPNI.

“He will be best remembered for his “dad jokes” and interesting slides of signs with subliminal messages.”

Charlie Walker, head of Agronomy Solutions at Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

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