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Drought impact

Ask an ExpertCategory: QuestionsDrought impact
David and Justine asked 49 years ago

We are struggling with this drought currently and we were wondering what will happen to the fertiliser we applied this year but the crop has died. We applied 70Kgs onf MAP and 25 Kgs of Urea pre plant on Wheat sown at 40 Kilos a hectare on minimal moisture.
We have placed the sheep on the crop for feed.
Will there be fertiliser still there in the soil?
What happens to the N Mineralisation rate if its dry and warm?

Justine replied 10 months ago

Thank you
That was very helpful

1 Answers
Fleur Muller answered 12 months ago

Hi David and Justine,
Our experts suggest that in essence, the P will mainly still be there, and some of the N. Grazing livestock will not remove much P but some N in the grazed material may be lost as volatilization from urine patches rather than recycled.
N mineralisation rates will slow considerably. Mineralisation requires warm temperatures and moist soils – so it will be slow unless there are some spring/summer rains to speed things along. Soil testing prior to the next crop will be very important to determine soil reserves and for nutrient decision making. The following links may provide some additional information for you.
Please let us know if you need any further information. All the best for the Spring.
Regards The Crop Nutrition Team

Justine replied 9 months ago

Hi Fleur just replied by email

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