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Quality fertiliser decisions backed by science

Australian crop advisors can use the best available science to give fertiliser advice. The Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping (BFDC) database:

  • is the best available data resource
  • is continually upgraded with the latest field trial results
  • holds data from over 5,600 research trials looking at fertiliser response
  • underpins the recommendations of Fertcare accredited advisors.

The BFDC Interrogator is an online tool to get the most relevant information from of the BFDC database.  Critical ranges are soil test values at which a response to fertiliser is likely. Users can find the critical nutrient ranges for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur for:

  • specific regions,
  • crops,
  • soil types
  • seasonal conditions.

Training to use the BFDC interrogator is available online or via face-to-face workshops. Trained users can generate soil test-crop response curves to validate fertiliser decisions.  Response curves show the relationship between the measured yield response to an applied nutrient and the soil test value for each trial site.


Tony Cox is the National Co-ordinator for the program More Profit from Crop Nutrition II.

Jack Williamson is a farmer/ consultant and sits on the GRDC Northern Regional Panel.

Nick Drew is the Executive Manager of Fertilizer Australia.


Funding from the GRDC supports the BFDC database and interrogator.

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